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Large Tigers Eye Point w/ Natural Sides

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Made in Brazil

What an appropriate name title for a stone with such presence of nature, in combination with the rigidness of our inner earth and the treasures she bring about. In the free fortune of our world in spirituality, Tigers Eye represent a powerful gateway to mother nature and mankind alike. Let this stone be the third eye of the tiger while it guide us metaphysically amongst the cosmic structures of the universe.

Tigers Eye follow suite in the form of the actual living tiger by the shimmering attributes the stone display, as it is not a far note from our Feline our evolved  a shimmer as well to hide amongst the brush.

This Large Tigers Eye Point is a stone of Chatoyant. As similar stones give the same effect and are named appropriately. The meaning of Chatoyant teach that each stone will show bands of bright reflected light while they give off a brilliant silky luster with a “tigers eye” effect.  

Appropriate in its color, This Large Tigers Eye Point w/ Natural Sides provide a strong Tiger Eye gives off a strong solar energy and powerful vibrations of vitality, clarity, and creativity. It stimulates the first three chakras, keeping one grounded and calm while pushing one forward into physical action. It calls upon primal strength which energizes the body, strengthening and fortifying the physical body. This also immensely boosts one’s willpower and creative energy giving one the desire to create and the vigor to carry these desires into the physical realm. It assists with overcoming fatigue and discouragement so that one can fully carry out the directives of the will. Tiger Eye is also a stone of mental clarity and balance, sharpening the intellect so that one may act effectively and practically. It enhances one’s logic, aids in balancing polarities, and opens one’s mind to paradoxes.

 Tiger Eye is a great aid in disagreements, allowing one to see all sides even if they differ greatly. It is recommended to carry Tiger Eye when partaking in difficult negotiations as it can enhance one’s willingness to reach an agreement and inspire a similar reaction from the opposite side. This works well in relationships of all kinds as it assists in coming to a point of emotional harmony with others. It also helps one to establish spiritual balance and stamina, allowing one to stay grounded in their faith. Physically, it aids in hormonal balance and is used to maintain health in the lungs and reproductive organs. It is recommended to wear Tiger Eye bracelets and rings primarily on the right arm because it may cause one to over heat when worn on the left. 

*Please note that this is a product from nature and priced by weight. Shape and size WILL vary*

Weight - 1.3lbs

Height - 4.5"

Width - 3"


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