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Polished Brazilian Amethyst Cluster on Metal Stand

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    This Polished Brazilian Amethyst Cluster was hand picked for it's womb of healing & reassuring energies. Coupled with it's dappled sparkling crystal points, this piece can bring the divine light of the moon, to even the most departed lack lustrous of rooms.

    Amethyst is an elegant member of the crystal quartz family of minerals. What makes amethyst so alluring, is it's clear, multi-shades of violet, deep purples, supple lilacs, and the more rare, cleansing black coloring's. One could comfortably use a more romantic description of hues. Such resembling fine wines, or even wines compelling agent, the grape.

    We mention wine as a cheers to amethyst. A cheers to evoke the wealth of healing abundance, the crystal amethyst can bestow upon it's captivator. Interestingly enough, the very mineral signature of amethyst is said to prevent, and or lower the effects of intoxication. "He who drinks wine amongst Amethysts divine shall remain sublime" <as quoted by Mr. Chadwick G. himself>. Beyond its beauty, amethyst offers a plethora of healing and metaphysical enrichment's, amenable for it's crystalline enchantments. 

    This Polished Brazilian Amethyst Cluster was hand picked, not only it's picturesque glimmering galaxy motif, but strategically for its smooth and steady, deep radiating energy signature, emanating from its cluster. If one could use a metaphor, she may describe it as, "a still and everlasting attention from her parent star, infinitely dedicated to steadying and enhancing her healing vibrations". Its medium rich, purplish pink coloring tell a story of unity between sharp visual perplexity, an reliable comforting radiance. 

    Due to the nature of raw crystal, items vary in size & weight. Amethyst is February's birthstone and is a valuable member of the crystal quartz family of gemstones. 

    Weight - 13.4lbs

    Height - 14"

    Width - 7"

    Thickness - 4.5"

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