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Fully Polished Labradorite w/ Cut Base

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The boundless wonder of this Fully Polished Labradorite Stone, will never cease to captivate one's magical mind of thy who enter her vivacious realm.


At one glance, this stone may look dormant, baron of life; shy to perform its internal Arora Borealis dance locked within. But the witty flash affect of this stones hidden talent, pulse the corner of the eye, just as you may decide to move away for lack of Labrarodites electric stimulation. You then realize, It is movement that ignite the dance of light that traverse throughout the core this Fully Polished Labradorite Stone, as if queued by a light conductor of a bold light working symphony.
As a display piece, this Fully Polished Labradorite is a literal cosmic nebula, displaying a spectacular iridescence colors not limited to green, gold, purple, orange, red, and blue, locked within a time capsule of dark clear rock. As a healing Element, Labradorite beckons us to explore more exhilaration, adventure and prompts us to step out of our comfort zones with the eagerness to fulfill our deepest desires.
With many endeavors we would normally deem out of spectrum, Labradorite offers an extra band of protection, boosting the fortitude needed when initiating out on new jaunts in life, while at the same time projecting a frequency of safety when roving into the darkness of such uncharted territories. 
One magnificent lineage of Labradorite is its ability to amplify its power of protection. Done so by envisioning the stone transforming your physical body into a magickal spectral body that shines with hues of purple, gold, green, blue and violet. Allow Labradorite to activate your Rainbow Body, keep your vibration high and open all chakras. 
**Please note that this is a product of nature. Shape and size WILL vary.**
Weight - 3.68lbs
Height - 7" 
Width - 3.75"
Thickness - 2.25"
Type: Labradorite Crystal Ornamentr

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