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Natural Agate Thin Slice - High Quality X - Large

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Imagine you are walking through the forest. You approach upon a dense wall of trees who's branches are brushed up against one another, you see a lighted pathway through the lattice of branches and foliage, you pause briefly. You then focus your vision, push the branches aside, and walk into this smaller sized clearing. What's reveled is a lighted pathway of Natural Thin Sliced Agate stones, leading up to a golden throne, exclusively made for you. This is your IQ INFINITY.

With the look and feel of this Natural Thin Slice Agate, this charming fairytale is not hard to imagine. You can see the marvelous detail of the piece, perfectly balanced with the natural colors of this High Quality Agate slice. 

In terms of our overall health, Agate is profoundly galvanized in producing healing vibrations with positive effects. Physically, when in close contact with Agate, its specific frequency signatures strengthen blood vessels, heals and brings luster to the skin, and can prompt optimal operating levels of the stomach, the uterus, and will help to cleans the pancreas and lymphatic system. For our upper overall health, Agate is known to increase and heal the health of the eye, improve mental functions such as concentration, perceptions, and ignite cutting edge analytical and decision making skills.

When one seeks to attain positive metaphysical augmentations, we as conscious beings often regard certain elemental objects as enhancers, and or facilitators on our quest to a higher consciousness. Here at IQINFINITY.LIFE our mantra and core values speak to this highly coveted, yet illusive state of being.

If we were to suggest a radical stimulus, in the total equation of stepping into an elevated state of enlightenment, this High Quality Natural Thin Slice Agate, would without fail, make it on the board of discussions.  

The vitreous luster of this necklace, transmits flirtatious energies, while it attracts the vibrational flow of love and light. This stones excellent ability to rebalance and harmonize the mind, body and spirit, is one of the colossal benefits of owning this Agate Slice Necklace. Here we have a piece that will certainly earn it's way within your family air looms of treasures.

These Natural Agate Thin Slices are the highest quality specimens available! These beautiful slices are approximately .25″ thick and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

 *Please note that this is a product of nature. Shapes and sizes will vary from piece to piece.*

Category: Gemstones
Type: Amethyst Obelisk

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