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Our awesome tribe here at IQ INFINITY, has come to many conclusions when offering descriptives of this otherworldly Malachite Display. Descrpitives ranging from "the face of a Grouper Fish",  "a clutch of green frog eggs, to "a heart beat of live ocean corral". All tribe members must have an opportunity to visually view, energetically feel and thus depict the visual, and non-visual energy signatures of all IQ INFINITY GEMSTONES in stock. Here we have the read results of their IQ INFINITE imaginations at work. 

Malachite is a mineral consisting of green copper carbonate hydroxide. The richness of its brilliant greenish color will not fade over time, nor will it fade under the exposure of direct sunlight. These enduring attributes makes Malachite an ideal display piece for any location in home or office.

If it is an element of healing you seek, this audacious stone of Malachite imparts a bold energetic structure, empowering one with a strong will of action when moving to clear out stagnant energy, and abolish emotional baggage. On a biological level, Malachite is a reliable liaison in the process of reinvigorating the body. Its transmitting frequencies align the DNA and cellular framework's, leading to an enhanced immune system, while simultaneously stimulating optimal operating levels of nerve and brain activity. Here at IQ INFINITY, our hearts go out to individuals, and or families who have unfortunately been plagued by illness. We are proud to provide this specific mineral that can support the restoration of strength and vitality after illness, and due to Malachite's periodic makeup, it can also assist in the formation of red blood cells, increased vitality, and a massed level of oxygen in the blood steam. Looking at this Polished Malachite Display as an overall power stone; it is just that! Its hypnotizing beauty, amalgamated with its deeply resonant healing and cleansing attributes, thrust the value of this stone beyond the numbers. 

Sizes, Shapes, and colors of green will vary. 

As pictured the dimensions are.

Height - 2.5" 

Width -  3.5"

Long - 4.5" 


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