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Aura Amethyst (Titanium) Cluster w/ Cut Base

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This Aura Amethyst (Titanium) Cluster offer a manner of rarity, even amongst the abundant popularity of your traditional array of Amethyst Crystals.

As we advance a step further, these particular Aura Amethyst (Titanium) Clusters have been carefully hand treated with an ultra-thin layer of titanium, integrating the already remarkable Amethyst, with an iridescent glow that will set a high vibe in any atmosphere. This glow has been described as, "A red hot asteroid having just passed through a benevolent vortex of love and light," as said by one of our loyal tribe members here at IQINFINITY.LIFE. 
With the mineral composition of Amethyst still intact; in addition accompanied by the thin layer of titanium, not only will you benefit from the healing vibrations of traditional Amethyst, but also the titanium. When bathed in direct sunlight, the added titanium hand treatment refracts a colorful light of magick, dappling the walls through out your home or office. 
On ones journey in leaving behind the physical, and transcending into the realm of your spiritual energetic life force, the metaphysical properties of this Aura Amethyst (Titanium) Cluster will support and activate your complex energy centers. These energy centers are what shape our own unique auric field, also know as life force, Chi, Spirit, frequency, vibe, etc. By allowing this Aura Amethyst (Titanium) Cluster to assist you in harnessing your healing vibrations, one may look forward to a new found zest for life, deep astral occurrences, and while meditating, having gone out of body, maximizing your theta brainwave experiences. 
As an overall spiritual escort, this Crystal magnifies a deeper meditation. It is in this deeper meditative state where we receive our evolutionary spiritual attunements, where we vibrate at a higher frequency, and establish a more grounded physical lifestyle. 
Let this IQ INFINITY Aura Amethyst (Titanium) Cluster be your benchmark in ascending to a higher state enlightenment.
Sold By Each.  
Note* This is a product of nature. Shapes and sizes will vary.
Weight - 1lbs - 15.3oz's
Height - 5.1/4"
width - 4.1/2"
Thickness - 2"


Category: Gemstones
Type: Aura Amethyst Clusters

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