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Amethyst Stalactite Slice Pendant/Necklace - Silver

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At first glance, this Amethyst necklace could resemble a lovely nugget of rarity, jettisoned from interstellar travels, on a trajectory toward earth. But take a closer look...

What you see here is an aggregate of Amethyst crystals, grouped together to form one construct. An Amethyst Stalactite. Although not from seed or soil, the energetic flow of this flower resembles the life giving attributes of water, and is similarly purifying. Noted here, This Amethyst Flower Pendant can be used as a powerful decontaminating agent. As we depend on technology, the daily use of cellphones, computers, etc. cause radiation to accumulate in the body, commonly stored in the side temple area of the brain and head.

This IQ INFINITY Amethyst Flower Pendant is a wizard crystal in drawing out these radio active contaminates. Simply Place your Pendant on or next to the accumulated areas, and let the crystal commence its purification process.  

Rare in its form, it is rare in it's healing. Take a glance at this stones unrepeatable shape form and color. It hints at the very vortex of its sui generis healing frequencies, only to be had by wearing this IQ INFINITY Amethyst Flower Pendant.

Instructionally, when speaking clairvoyance and meditation, we offer a directive. Place this Pendant directly upon the 3rd eye. As you breath deeply, visualize the actual color of your Amethyst Flower Pendant merging with your breath, thus your painted prana  flowing in and out as you breath. This will ease the emotional mind, defragment your mental state, and lull her into an untroubled nights slumber. 

This Silver Electroformed Pendant comes with a Gold or Silver Plated 18" or  24" Chain.

Sizes and shapes vary - Approximate size 1-1/2" to 2".

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