The Frequency Zone

The Frequency Zone

If it is that we, as advanced denizens of earth, come equipped with highly sophisticated Bioenergetics Systems, are these systems receptive to the abundance of restorative frequencies resonating in and around us? Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is yes! Dating back to the monarchies of Ancient Egypt, we have discovered evidence of frequency and sound healing.

What is behind the idea of using frequencies to support healing?

A cell, in its natural healthy state, measures between 70 and 90 millivolts. As we move through and go about our days, we get exposed to all sorts of things that can cause stress and illness. This leads to the natural vitality of our cells being worn down to a lower millivolt function that vibrates at a different, and equally measurable frequency.

Any kind of frequency ‘medicine’ is about delivering a vibration to the cells that allow them to regain their healthy level of functioning. This in turn allows for the well-functioning of our organs, and the body shows up well. So, whether it’s a sound bath with crystal singing bowls, or hooking ourselves up to a TENS or Healy device, the idea is the same.

If we immerse or expose ourselves on a cellular level to a sound or a frequency that can help restore our healthy frequencies back to our cells, then we can use our own healing energy as we were designed to do – to get better, recover, and be stronger as a result of our high vibrational output.

It’s equally important to remember that we too, as a whole, are vibrational organisms, made up of a variety of frequencies. Different people will be called to different things at different times in the same way that the same person will be called to different things at different times. This is because we are in flux constantly with what the frequencies are in our individual bio-fields.

What does that mean for me, particularly, you ask? It means, whatever you are attracted to, whatever calls you, do that. That’s your guidance saying “come this way”. So, if you want to have a sound bath in the crystal bowls, do that, if you’re called to make a pyramid out of copper and sleep with that next to you, do that. The most important thing to take away from this is that there's no right or wrong in any of it. So, whatever you’re inspired to do, do that, and watch what happens.

What's one thing you are currently doing to take care of yourself on a cellular level? Taking care of yourself sends the message to the world that you are worth taking care of, and more experience will be drawn to you that helps make it easy and fun to take care of yourself! If it’s easy and fun, you must be on track and doing really well! YAY!

-Written by, Sandi Philips

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