By looking beyond what we see as an actual object, we begin to realize that our world is full of fascinating possibilities, and is not so much as it may seem. This is closely followed by a 2nd and more personally profound realization, that you, yourself, are full of fascination, and are of a vast interconnectedness. Quantum physics allows us to grasp and hold onto the notion of our world interlocked in perpetual change with a malleable universe. It has revealed that as you observe an object, you alter it simply by paying it your attention. Science calls this the observer effect; the basis of which says, there is no reality until you, as an observer, perceives that reality. A great bi-product of this is the allotment of golden opportunity to change both ourselves, and the world we live in, moment by GOLDEN AGE moment.

To simply romance the idea of AWAKEN THE GOLDEN AGE would be least contributing to your enlightened existence. Instead, you must move to integrate this motto in all of your mind, body, and spirit by knowing that matter itself arises from the energetic light of these three alignments. One of the great illusions, the illusion of I & ME, can lead to a false egoic identity which is not a nourishing element of the AWAKEN THE GOLDEN AGE era. The importance of your genesis in understanding and excepting the fundamentals of interconnectedness is the master key in the transition to thrive, live a life a glow, and of internal light. 

There are principles we must understand about the AWAKEN THE GOLDEN AGE formula. One of which is the Principle of Complementarity. This tells the universe and yourself to, in no way, be known as independent of one another. In fact, on a deeper level, the initiation of vibrating at a frequency of inseparability of mind and matter delivers a higher probability of all sentient beings flowing together in the healing collective consciousness of our abundant universe.

We here at IQ INFINITY deeply aspire to move into two powerful AWAKEN THE GOLDEN AGE frequencies of life, which are Love and Light. Love can be explained in terms of light photon particles who will all group together when left to their own devices, like lovers of like mind. And light can be explained in terms of love as knowing no prejudice and speeding with maximum efficiency, just to illuminate and shine its rays upon thee. These models shape the end of needles suffering from humans to mother nature alike. It’s time we align with the benevolent vibrations of Mother Earth, and sync with the cosmic flow of the universe.   

To AWAKEN THE GOLDEN AGE would you consider moving in a perpetual state of Universal Warrior prowess, powered by Love and Light? 

-Written by, Chadwick Gatterson

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