The Evolution Of IQ INFINITY


The legend of IQ INFINITY apprises a blueprint forged in infinite potential we as cosmic beings all command. Our brand dynamically evokes the parallels of connectedness, strategically contoured in merging us with our higher energetic selves. IQ INFINITY is charged by the belief of pure acceptance of you, the pure acceptance of cosmic self, and empowering the supreme providence within all conscious beings. To begin the odyssey in seeking fulfillment within your right of passage, you may face numerous interferences that can give rise to uncertainties. It is here, front line and center, where we at IQ INFINITY.LIFE, pledge our kinetic allegiance in mapping out the healing vibrations of the universe, working to harness them, and thus sire these fruits of our brands’ labor, outwardly to you.

Are you one who desires to raise the vibrations of our collective consciousness? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to unsheathe yourself, up and away from the pulling wools of the mainstream and seek higher vibrational passages of eternal expansiveness. If you have a fundamental interpretation of the mantra "the infinity within", this allows for a brilliant segue into the understanding of resonating as highly energetic beings in a human body. During this evolution, your own unique energy signature will become increasingly elevated as it intertwines more fluently in and throughout the fabric of the universe. Senses apart, but not separate from our 7 basic senses, will inevitably become heightened, giving rise to a life experienced on a full spectrum and multidimensional level.

In the formation of the IQI brand, and living a real life as a real person, I have undergone multiple life-changing transformations, so in confidence, I speak to you as a fellow sentient being who has boots on the ground, and as a spiritually awakened business owner. To append gravity to words read in this blog, we have written in our 4th pillar of integrity a seal of dedication to the people by offering renowned life-enhancing products to the best of our brands’ ability. With our driven passion to assist, and to help guide you on your ascension process, reaching your higher potentials become less of a fallacy, and more of a tangible reality for all who seek a return to true spirituality.

We offer a distinct selection of life-enhancing products, always predicated with our tagline, AWAKEN THE GOLDEN AGE, in mind. We've developed and researched our products; this knowledge builds the framework for our brand strategies that are acutely designed to convey and bring to life the healing vibrations within these universal unseen forces, hidden from our human eye light spectrum.

As this timeline of evolution moves into the present day, the ameba of the IQI living symbol, flashed into existence in the early spring of the new millennium 2000. Amongst the emerald stillness of nature, I decided to take a walk at a park located in Bellevue Wa. The day was blustery, however, I was not so laced into my 7 base senses on this day. Most, if not all of my spiritual energy was encompassed within my mind’s eye/Ajna Chakra, the brow area right between your eyes. Have ever you experienced a tingly buzz feeling in this area? Well, this was the flash into existence moment, (within my minds eye) of the IQ INFINITY life form, and is star born symbol you see hovering above. Now, lets time travel from then till now. It is the feelings derived from your current experience with our brand, that give rise to the historic legacy of the IQ INFINITY conscious evolution.

To close the portal into this IQ INFINITE world, from all of us we ask you, what do you struggle with most during your life path? 

-Written by, Chadwick Gatterson 

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